I failed miserably to attend to 23 Things. Thing 3 (Digital Footprints), with the task to google my own name, took me back to an ancient blog posting in an old blog of mine, where I attended a course which tasked me to do exactly that: google my own name:
So I thought 'been there, done that ...' ;) and gave up for a while. Today I resumed my feeble efforts. At least doing it again nearly 11 years later had a different result, more consistent and quite strongly related to my current work. Some of the very old stuff does not come up any longer, which I find reassuring. I liked the discovery that Discogs created a very neat overview of the CD covers I designed quite a few years ago, although a few are missing:
 I followed some (very basic!) advice before googling my name:
Quite useful. It's interesting when limiting the search to different ways of spelling my name because my surname has a German 'Umlaut', which has been 'forgotten' when I started working in my current position - quite a few years ago. Feeling quite lucky that I seem to have a name which does not bring up nasty associations. Not sure if I should be more worried about the 'professionalism' of my online presence. I quite like the mix of links, thinking I'm a little more than just a learning technologist. I like the fact that a few of my photo adventures turn up in the list, and it's perfectly okay for the world to know that I think the UPP (Ultimate Picture Palace) is a fantastic cinema ... Need to move on before I get stuck in too many 'things from the past' conjured up by Google ..- :)
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